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Ways To Help People Affected By The Pandemic Worldwide


Woman with face mask sorting clothes while volunteering to help people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the coronavirus became a pandemicover a year ago, over 100 million Americans have gotten fully vaccinated, marking the beginning of a healing chapter in this country. But the pandemic isn’t over: the vaccine’s uneven global rollout means that as more people up their defense in the U.S., many people — in this country and across the globe — are still in need of help. If you'd like to help people affected by the coronavirus, you can consider donating, volunteering, or even sending positive messages.

Even though much progress has been made to fix the economic crises that hit along with the start of the pandemic, joblessness, economic fallout, mental health crises, long-term health complicationsand more continue to cause issues across the world. And while the major health organizations have the big things under control, there are still ways to support victims of COVID through donating, volunteering, and spreading awareness about the work that’s left to be done.

Here's a list of organizations that are currently accepting help during the pandemic, along with other ways you can make a difference:

Support Founders Of Women-Owned Businesses

Small businesses, particularly those owned by women, were hit hard in the pandemic: they were forced to closed temporarily, shutter completely, or pivot indefinitely. Starting Friday, May 14, you can support female business owners who have been impacted by coronavirus by joining a collaboration between global food and personal care supplier Unilever, and career and personal growth platform Luminary. By going to EveryDayUDoesGood.com and shopping female-founded businesses on the Luminary Collective, or investing in women by funding Illumination Grants, you can directly aid women who have been affected by coronavirus. As a part of the aid effort, Luminary will be also offering free access to their coaching, consulting, and community building resources for professionals through the end of May.


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