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Amplify Your Brand With Luminary

Luminary’s extensive community of Members and Partners provides immediate opportunities for companies who are looking to diversify and grow their customer base, suppliers, and the communities they support. By partnering with Luminary through a variety of programs and events as well as content, companies can easily amplify their brand - and their purpose and commitment - to a wider external audience.


Engage With A Diverse Audience of Women and Allies

Luminary’s vast ecosystem, spanning more than 30 countries, is home to a multigenerational and intersectional community of professionals, entrepreneurs, corporations, and organizations. 

- Inclusive, across all levels and ages
- Professionally and demographically diverse
- Industry and career agnostic

Connect With Our Community



Tentpole Event Sponsorships

Be a part of our interactive, half-day and day-long Summits and bring the full Luminary experience to cities across the country with Luminary LIVE.

  • Half and full day Summits with 600+ attendees
  • Roundtables and salons 
  • Meetups and networking 
  • Content integration 
  • Luminary LIVE roadshow in multiple cities every year
  • Digital and onsite sponsor promotion + in-person event activations

Customized, Curated Events

Co-create programming, activations and events to support your company’s investment in the local community and diverse audiences along with the opportunity to meet customer acquisition/engagement goals.

  • Co-created themes and event programming
  • Curated audience to meet sponsor needs
  • Variety of event formats to select from
  • Content integration
  • Expanded audience reach and brand amplification
  • Turnkey execution



Digital & Physical Amplification

Reach a diverse, curated audience for brand campaigns through social media, newsletter distribution, email targeting, and events.

  • Targeted topics and content for curated audiences
  • Access to turnkey campaign assets and content
  • Integrated brand positioning and content distribution
  • Widely shared on Luminary marketing channels, as well as sponsor channels, as well as partner and sponsor channels

Luminary Fellowships

Provide ongoing education, mentorship, resources and community to women-owned and BIPOC-owned businesses, those in transition, and more.

  • More than 2,000 fellowships awarded
  • Spanning across 50 cities, 5 countries
  • 75+% awarded to BIPOC-owned companies
  • Standalone programs or integrated into Luminary LIVE experiences
  • Curated annual curriculum
  • Peer-to-peer coaching and mentoring program integration

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High Touch. High Impact.

The Company We Keep.

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Questions? Please email: corporate@weareluminary.com