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Lifetime Investment in Women-Owned Businesses


Luminary’s renowned Fellowship Program provides companies the opportunity to support both women-owned and BIPOC-owner businesses with access to mentorship, business tools and capital.

While financial support may help in the short-term, our Fellowship Program invests in small business owners and entreprenuers for the long-term, delivering the necessary tools they need to run, maintain, manage and grow their businesses.  

A check helps these businesses for a day—investing in a Luminary membership provides for a lifetime.

Did you know...
  • 39% of all U.S. businesses are women-owned
  • Women start more than 1,800 net new businesses every day 
  • U.S. women-owned businesses generate $2.7 trillion per year
  • 64% of new women-owned businesses are started by women of color; 42% by Black women
  • Latina women-owned businesses have grown more than 87% since 2007 with more than 400 started every single day


Luminary Fellowship Partners

Now spanning more than 50 cities, 5 countries and awarded to more than 75% women-of-color owned businesses, we're creating an ecosystem of support and delivering impact supporting over 2,000 women and BIPOC-owned businesses with our Fellowships.

Regardless of location, industry or size of company, each Luminary Fellowship delivers access to: 

  • Ongoing education 
  • Community and connection
  • Business resources and tools
  • Marketing support
  • Strategic planning and advice
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Experts and content


Luminary Fellowship Partners





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Help Women Overcome The Challenges of Owning a Business

Women-owned businesses need more than capital to survive and thrive. They need access to ongoing education, coaching/mentoring, community, networks, guidance and exposure in order for them to build and prosper.

Corporations are partnering with Luminary to help women overcome the challenges faced as business owners.

Here's Why:


Market misperceptions

Women entrepreneurs’ competency and market knowledge is routinely disregarded, including market opportunities they identify.

Network exclusion

Women entrepreneurs often experience limited, gender-based access to established social and business networks, creating less access to knowledgeable mentors, ongoing education and capital expansion resources.


Managing expansion while underfunded

Barriers to start-up and growth capital create new, ongoing challenges, including constraints on funding for recruitment, access to new markets and overall scalability and expansion. 

Revenue growth

Despite women owning 40% of all the businesses in the U.S., less than 2% of women-owned businesses generated more than $1 million in sales (and that percentage is even lower when you only look at women of color-owned businesses).


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