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Find Your Cru at Luminary


Luminary acquired The Cru to further empower women and our allies throughout their professional and personal journeys. 

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So, what is a Luminary Cru?

A Luminary Cru is a small accountability circle of members who meet and peer coach each other in monthly 90-minute Gatherings to help them accelerate achievement of their personal and professional goals facilitated by an expert guide.

How are they designed?

Crus are matched with 8 individual members who would consider themselves peers. The demographics and values of each member are taken into consideration using AI with a human overlay to match them into their Cru.

Their purpose?

The purpose of a Cru is to create an opportunity for women to hold space for themselves and their fellow Cru members on a monthly basis to practice peer-coaching in service of supporting progress towards achieving their personal and professional goals.


As a Luminary Member, you now have the exclusive opportunity to be matched with a Cru, a group of peers dedicated to mutual coaching and unwavering support. This isn't just another networking group—it's a journey with like-minded individuals who will challenge you, cheer for you, and celebrate with you every step of the way towards achieving your ambitions.

But it's not just for individuals.

If you're a company looking to elevate your team's dynamics, offering your employees a chance to join a Cru can propel them—and your company—to new heights. It's an investment in the future leaders of your organization, fostering a culture of continuous development and collaborative success.

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How It Works


You'll be matched in a circle with eight peers for a 6-month journey of accountability with regular communication, monthly meetings, and a platform to track your goals and progress.


Track and measure your intentions on a digital platform to stay on top of your goals and timelines.


Meet on a monthly basis with your Cru and Peer Coach who will facilitate and help guide you to success. Each monthly Cru Gathering lasts 90 minutes.

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Luminary Member Perks

As a Member of Luminary, you’ll be able to unlock perks within the community. For more information, check out Membership options at Luminary




Curious? Intrigued? You're on the brink of something transformative. Dive in and discover how a Cru can help redefine the way you meet goals and forge meaningful connections. Don't just take our word for it—experience it for yourself.

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We’ll be in touch as we match you into a Cru and start the next cohort. Questions?

Reach out to cru@weareluminary.com