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We Need More Women in the Middle Before They Can Rise to the Top


Cate Luzio, spent over 20 years in financial services before she founded Luminary, a collaborative space for women.

Luzio was executive VP and global head of multinational corporate banking for the Global Commercial Banking division at HSBC and spent over 6 years as a managing director at JPMorgan as head of multinational corporate banking across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

And the one glaring thing she noticed, around the world, was not only the lack of women at the top, but the lack of women in the middle.

"It's not just about senior women, it's about developing a pipeline so we can develop and promote more women along the way," says Luzio.

And that revelation that lead her to self-fund—yes, self-fund—Luminary, a collaboration hub for women who are passionate about their professional development and expanding their networks.

"I want to create an inclusive space where all women no matter their age or industry can go to further develop, invest in their career, socialize, learn and grow their network in a meaningful way," she says.

So while it sounds like the female version of a WeWork or other coworking space, it is more of a club that will offer both professional and personal services for women.


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