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5 Strategies to Welcome in Change


Change is complicated. Mostly because most of us get spooked around the unknown, the refresh, the thing that is different. You may favor conformity, not because it is working for you, but because it is easier to navigate. Yet, nothing changes unless you do. The secret is in the moment. Use today as your starting point and free yourself of yesterday and tomorrow.

Looking to lead a next chapter, make a bold choice, or witness and experience your own growth?

If you seek successful results that align with and elevate your business and your life, there are 3 key steps that will get you there. Think of this as your toolkit for change and begin not from what makes you the same, but rather from what makes you unique.

Decide + Be Bold + Lead = Change

 If you tap into this equation, you align with today, jump start your goals, reset your boundaries, stay in choice, and take ownership of your growth and legacy.





Here are 5 DIY strategies to welcome in change:

Plant a decision tree: Without solid decisions, no transition or change is possible. So next time you are faced with making tough choices, plant the seeds of a decision tree. Imagine that the tree itself is your next chapter or reinvention. The branches are all the choices and decisions that grow from your decision to change. Map them out by drawing the tree and the branches and then apply sticky notes as the leaves. Each sticky note (all of which are moveable and changeable) become the action steps you are taking to explore and navigate the new choices you are making for your tree to grow and flourish.

Create a sampler. There may be more than one way to look at something. Even a hard and fast choice that is made when there appears to be no choice, has fresh boundaries and sub-choices that afford updated possibilities and ideas. Create a sampler of refreshed thoughts that fuel a myriad of choices around the same variables. The next time you feel pedestrian in your decision-making and stuck in your head, consider allowing yourself to sample the possibilities instead. Lead with the unknown, not as a beginner but rather with all your life expertise. A tray of desserts offers an array of sweet options. All the choices are desserts, yet each brings something unique to the table. When exploring a next chapter, or navigating a new choice be sure to include a wider array of possibilities. You can color with a package of 8 crayons, or you can color with a box of 64 crayons. Either way you color. What is possible? What is important to you now?

Widen the wins. When you lead yourself from the perspective of what is already working well, you elevate your energy, increase what is possible, and curate and build what you want in a way that aligns and celebrates a version of yourself that resonates and honors today. Lean into what is already working and challenge and enable next steps from this vantage point. Recap each day with your top 3 successes. Then start the next day with 3 action steps incorporated into your to-do tasks that continue your momentum. Personalize and experience the present.

The balance you most want resides here, solutions are born here, energy comes alive here. It is in today that the action steps you need to implement can happen. When you widen the wins, you also deepen your accessibility to change and renewal. 

Learn to blow glass. Creativity and curiosity are at the core of transition and renewal. Both put you in the present moment, both infuse a can-do mindset, and both elevate and utilize your energy and your thought power in a learning capacity. It does not matter if you decide to jump out of a plane, learn how to blow glass, take on sailing, or learn to knit. The idea is the same, and that is to learn about and experience something unknown and untapped. This will refresh your thoughts and jump- start your imagination.

Access adaptability: Flexibility and fluidity are key elements of all worthwhile change and transition. Remember, you are navigating the unknown, and your ability to step into the nuances and changes of that will support you in moving the needle closer and closer to your next transition or goal. Jeff Bezos says it best when he talks about the concept of one-way and two-way doors. If you approach decisions and next steps through the lens of a one-way door, you don’t give yourself the space and grace to try things because your choices appear to you as permanent and rigid. If you approach the same decisions and next steps through the vision of a two-way door, then you shift your mindset to embrace whatever you uncover and experience through those doors as a possibility and an opportunity because you can enter AND exit. A one-way door creates a scarcity mindset of feeling trapped in your choices, often resulting in your not making decisions that get you where you want to go. A two-way door puts you in control of self-leadership. Meaningful change is predicated on exactly that abundance and ownership.

Doing something differently is a test of your self-worth and courage. If you are feeling like an impostor or stuck on deciding what is next, imagine the worst thing that could happen. Now imagine the very best result you are hoping for. Marry the two and right smack in the middle is where you can begin to sample bold change.

Ask yourself the following and shift and transition 1-2 next steps.

What can I add to this situation that no one else can?

What does an assortment of options bring to an otherwise static choice?  

What changes if I allow myself to sample or try 2-3 different and perhaps unknown things?

What do I get to do differently?

What piece of a goal can I implement without feeling the need to change everything perfectly?

What first step can I take RIGHT NOW? Let me know how I can support you in welcoming in transition and next chapters.


Randi Levin-1Randi Levin CPC, is a nationally recognized transitional life strategist and reinvention expert and the founder of The Recalibration Network. Randi helps founders, entrepreneurs, and women in life-cycle transitions recalibrate and reclaim their power of choice so that personally and professionally they build and align with a successful and redefined version of who they are today. She supports them in boosting and energizing clarity and mindset, and in elevating self-esteem and self-awareness that impacts bold decisions and empowers self-leadership and productive goal-getting. Randi opens the door to her client’s next chapter and then supports and champions what’s next. The results are a deeper connection to values, intuition, setting boundaries, goal-leading, and life alignment that makes it easier to launch, build, promote, and celebrate a business and a life that they love. After almost 2 decades in corporate, a long gig as a SAHM, and a successful launch as a transitional life strategist and reinvention expert 8+ years ago, Randi is a trusted and relatable coach, mentor, speaker, and thought-leader providing action-oriented strategies to recalibrate and reinvent next chapters. She is regularly quoted or featured across major media platforms such as Forbes, Fairygodboss, Thrive Global, Woman’s World Magazine, MSN, Yahoo Lifestyle, The Ladders, PureWow, Amex OpenForum, Reader’s Digest, and Best Life to name a few.