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3 Dynamic Ways to Become a Better Decision-Leader


Adults make more than 35,000 decisions every single day! Understandable that many of us may feel conflicted or undecided, even overwhelmed and fatigued by the process. There is often a gap that exists between “yes” and “no” and between “this” and “that” that can hold us back, leave us guessing, or disempower our dreams.

The very best way to become a better decision-maker is to actively become a better decision-leader. Choice is a life-long power tool that is often overlooked. Being the architect of your decisions enables change, growth, and renewal and it closes the gap on the simplicity of “yes” and “no.” A decision-leader understands that even when no solution is apparent, or choices are slim, there is always a subset of boundaries, rules, and negotiations that empower results. Decision-leaders manage options with flexibility and fluidity from a mindset of possibility rather than rigidity.

So, if you seek more results, authentically lead them with every micro-choice you make, not because you must, but because you can! It is easy for us to default to what we have always done before, yet even if you do not change, everything around you is recalibrating. Every great new decision must first pass through the doors of the unknown. Waiting for you on the other side of that doorway, to the left of fear and to the right of excuses, exists the goals that you seek, the wishes you want, and the resolutions you desire.

Everything that you now know was once unknown! Giving yourself permission to be a decision-leader activates your all access pass to step through that doorway of the unknown and to drive change one more confident, aligned, and elevated decision at a time.

Below are 3 dynamic strategies to jump-start decision-leadership.

Amplify TODAY choices.

Today is tomorrow’s success! Decision-making ignites when you manage the moment. Today shapes and reshapes what is possible, because in today anything is. Today begs for you to leave yesterday behind you and to keep the alure of tomorrow in the future because neither of them are actionable in this 24-hour window. When you manage the moment, you lead your energy gaining traction, action, and productivity in real time. 

Do This Now:

Change one thing. Make one bold decision. Visualize this one idea and choice as done. How do you feel? What is now possible? Use your calendar to commit to the next 3 steps that will bring it to life. Make the first step a reality right now. Then rinse and repeat this tomorrow with another choice. Managing choice and change from the vantage point of today simplifies decision-making and permits productivity, accountability, and results one bold decision at a time. At the end of the week recap what you enabled. Celebrate your wins. Change does not have to occur in large chunks, nor does it need to overwhelm. Getting clear on where you move the needle every day, supports you in moving it further.

Change the conversation.

Choice and decision-leadership is about intuition and options.

Intuition: Change your conversation with yourself! That is the most meaningful one you will ever have. Intuition is your inner voice voting. That vote counts, so recognizing your intuition and seeking it out as you would a trusted advisor, is a critical step in decision-leadership. You may not have made this specific decision previously, but you have made thousands of solid choices before, every single day, that have proven results. Researching the opinions of others is a part of the process of driving action steps, but it is not the only link in the chain. Begin your decision process by starting with your own expertise and deciding from the inside out rather than the outside in. The results will be quicker, more organic, and whole life driven, producing more aligned and impactful solutions.

Menu of options: Change your conversation on limitations. Most decisions have a variety of options between “yes” and “no” so seeking a more creative and innovative menu closes the gap between “this” or “that.” Picture yourself picking from a menu or variety of offerings. This drop-down menu of choices is a quick visual for remembering to challenge what you don’t plainly see. Decision-leadership is predicated on creating an “and what else” approach to navigating change and transition.

Do This Now:

Ask yourself the following questions FIRST, before you overthink a situation. Then lead with your answers and trust in the process.

  • What is my head and my heart saying to do? Are they in agreement? What decision can I make that both respects and intersects my inner voice?
  • What do I get to do? What you get to do empowers what you can do while re-establishing control in every decision that you make. If you are feeling triggered by too many options, your answer to this question will redirect your energy and your next choice.
  • AND WHAT ELSE? Get past the face value of each decision to unearth a fresh point-of-view. Think you have your mind made up? Ask and answer “And what else?” If decision-leadership is a jumbo box of crayons, you get to color with the whole box. What is another way of looking at something?

Create a Book of Choices.

Creating a Book of Choices in a dedicated notebook is a habit altering tool for staying accountable to consistent decision-making. Every goal you have ever set and every wish you have ever made lives on the other side of decision-making. When you lead and manage this from a position of choice, possibility and opportunity unfold. You don’t just set your goals you decide to go get them. One small action step at a time.

Do This Now:

Each day, write down all the choices that you are faced with. You can do so in the morning or access your Book of Choices throughout the day. This becomes your go-to resource for creating choice awareness and accountability. It is a place to record your pros and cons, envision results, calibrate ideas, fact check, and activate intuition. Daily use of your Book of Choices will unearth and empower an array of decisions that are available to you making every choice easier and more organic in its execution. At the end of each day or at the top of the week review your choices. What worked? How did managing your decisions lead you?


Rani LevinRandi Levin CPC, is a nationally recognized transitional life strategist and reinvention expert and the founder of The Recalibration Network. Randi helps founders, entrepreneurs, and women in life-cycle transitions recalibrate and reclaim their power of choice so that personally and professionally they build and align with a successful and redefined version of who they are today. She supports them in boosting and energizing clarity and mindset, and in elevating self-esteem and self-awareness that impacts bold decisions and empowers self-leadership and productive goal-getting. Randi opens the door to her client’s next chapter and then supports and champions solutions and development. The results are a deeper connection to values, intuition, setting boundaries, goal-leading, and life alignment that makes it easier to launch, build, promote, and celebrate a business and a life that they love. After almost 2 decades in corporate, a long gig as a SAHM, and a successful launch as a transitional life strategist and reinvention expert 8+ years ago, Randi is a trusted and relatable coach, mentor, speaker, and thought-leader providing action-oriented strategies to recalibrate and reinvent next chapters.