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Building a Community is Critical in Business


We hosted a fireside chat with Luminary Founder and CEO Cate Luzio as she spoke with The Budgetnista, Tiffany Aliche, about her journey to becoming a businesswoman and her experience with a rapidly growing empire. Aliche shared how she made a name for herself in the field of finance education after spending a decade as a teacher. From being the first Black woman on the cover of Money Magazine to building a financial education academy, she revealed insight about her achievements, obstacles and advice as she blazed her own trail. 

During this chat, we had the opportunity to hear Aliche’s story and her triumphs building a business from the literal ground up. Aliche said “balancing” all her responsibilities isn’t necessarily the key to success. 

“Balance indicates that you're holding all things at equal measure; that’s just not possible, so I believe in what I call harmony.” Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista.

Although we were generously given financial tips and how to structure your “financial home” as Aliche calls it, the Luminary community finds this Budgetnista to be more than just a money saving guru. The way she grew (and continues to grow) her business from nothing to a seven-figure money-making machine says it all.

“I had more money at 12 than I did at 30 sleeping in my middle school bed, and I remember thinking if this is not humble I don't know what is,” Aliche said.

Throughout Aliche’s journey, she worked on providing her community with the most effective resources. Her target audience was those who sought financial help and didn’t necessarily have the funds for her services. 

Aliche talked about the exact moment she realized she had two customers: the company providing her services and the person receiving them. Luzio mentioned her favorite phrase of Aliche’s, “one to one, one to few, one to many, one to infinity,” as a structure that has helped  build The Budgetnista brand. An effective way to monetize her business, Aliche took this approach and each year has set aside new goals. If she could teach others financial literacy, how could she grow it into a few people, then many.

After many requests of putting her digital blog literature challenge into a book form, Aliche became an author overnight, selling over $10k in the first month of sales.

Much of Aliche’s success comes from patience, as she spoke about her experience as a teacher for preschoolers. She said it changes your tone, your mindset, and provides you with the patience you need.

As jaws dropped during this virtual event, listening to Aliche’s five-year quota for her business, an inspiration is an understatement. Community building is a piece to the larger puzzle. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, patience is bliss. Taking the steps to get to where you want to be are crucial, and learning what works for your niche and audience is what will set you apart.