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Luminary Member Kindra Moné's Newsletter Community Post 6/14


 Kindra Moné, Luminary Member 



As the weather gets warmer and NYC gets healthier, Luminary is starting to buzz again and it feels so nice to be back in the space. It's a sharp contrast to exactly one year ago when I came to Luminary as a Community Manager. Then, we were at the height of the pandemic and Luminary was one of the few spaces of its kind still open. I'd also just celebrated my birthday on "Black Tuesday" and cautiously shared a childhood photo amongst a sea of black squares on Instagram. A lot has happened. 
2020 was a worldwide wake-up call and most of us decided that we needed to do things differently. As a Luminary community, I can see that we are healing. While we return to summer dresses and pants without elastic, I encourage us all to not forget the vows we made to ourselves during those quiet, long days in quarantine. A year after the world stopped to mourn the murder of George Floyd, let's continue to have tough conversations that push our community forward and challenge our own blind spots. 
I can't help but be grateful that conversations once exclusive to Black living rooms are now happening on the world stage. As painful as many of these conversations have been, it's a relief beyond explanation. And so I have also lent my ear to stories outside of my own; I've heard my Asian friends, I've listened to trans people, I've shared openly and honestly with my white friends. That is our way forward. Am I ready to stop social distancing? Absolutely! But I will gladly choose not to go back to the way things were before. 
The Luminary community makes me optimistic that feminism can have all women in mind. So this weekend, I will pay homage to my ancestors with friends at a Juneteenth cookout and hope that our small efforts towards progress will result in big, lasting change. Forward we go.
Kindra Moné 

Luminary Member