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NFT Survey 2022


NFT's are the future, but where are the women?

It’s no shock that the NFT marketplace is dominated by men both as makers and buyers and needless to say, NFT and metaverse marketing is blatantly geared towards the male demographic. Creative agency, Berlin Cameron, and the career and personal growth platform, Luminary have teamed up to conduct a research study around how women really feel about NFT’s in partnership with research platform, Persky.

The research surveyed women across the US to understand what they think about the investments and why they choose to invest, highlighting the disparity between men and women in the metaverse world.

“The hard truth is that women face challenges in finding equal footing in the technology arena,” said President of Berlin Cameron, Jennifer DaSilva. “The lasting gender disparities in the world of cryptocurrency indicates the industry still has a long way to go, which is why we conducted research to gauge how women feel about the metaverse and NFTs. We found that metaverse marketing is blatantly geared towards men and often leaves women out of this conversation completely. While it’s a disappointing and familiar reality, it also reveals a powerful opportunity for brands to step up and take on the issue by speaking directly to women.”

“We have an incredible opportunity to involve women in this space much earlier than in previous tech “booms.” With more education and awareness, and earlier access, this will lead to a real chance for equity,” said Cate Luzio, Founder of Luminary.