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Meet Luminary Member, Aminta Freeman


Aminta Freeman (2)How did you get started on your current career path/journey?

Moodie Vibes began with a need for self care as a single Mother. When my family dynamics changed and I became a single mom, I turned to candles all the more as a means of self care. Candles helped create a space where I could replenish and fill my cup. I was able to then give others from a place of love and overflow. As a maker, I hand craft in small batches using safe, clean ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. As a mom, I hand pour each candle with the intention of creating a self care experience for all but especially for Mothers, givers and nurturers. The Scent of Self Care.

How do you define success?

I define success by sharing my journey of self love and self care with mothers and mother figures. Reaching a multitude of mothers and spreading the message of self care as a necessity is wonderful, but I define success based on having connected with one mom at a time and reminding her that in order to give others, she must pour into herself.

What's something you would tell your younger self about your journey or career -  knowing what you know today?

I would say to my younger self...you have time. Be patient with yourself. Do not be afraid to start over. You're gaining wisdom. Do not be afraid to fail. You will learn from every experience. You are so brave and one day you are going to make yourself so proud.

How do you bring others in?

Moodie Vibes is not self made. We are community made. A way in which to build with community and invite others to come sit at our table is to offer free or affordable workshops. We did just that for Mother's Day at a local wellness center in Staten Island. We called it "Pouring into Yourself." We made candles, shared experiences and took lots of pictures! We are still in touch with many of the participants today.

What impact has Luminary made on you?

Luminary has been an essential part of my entrepreneurial journey. The fellowship I was awarded with American Express has granted me access to amazing resources, guidance, networking opportunities and friendships.


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