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Meet Luminary Member, Kahindo Mateene


Kahindo MateeneHow did you get started on your current career path/journey?

I started KAHINDO to challenge stereotypes, celebrate African heritage, empower women, promote ethical and sustainable practices, and create a legacy aligned with my personal values. My vision is to showcase the beauty and diversity of African cultures through fashion, while empowering women and fostering economic growth. By prioritizing ethical and sustainable production, I aim to create a positive impact in the fashion industry. My personal experiences, cultural background, and commitment to social impact drive me to create a brand that represents inclusivity, empowerment, and environmental responsibility.

How do you define success?

To me, success is a dynamic blend of cultural celebration, ethical fashion, industry recognition, and positive impact. It's about embracing and preserving my Congolese heritage and African upbringing through KAHINDO, my fashion brand, while adhering to ethical and fair trade principles. Being recognized in the fashion industry and having the opportunity to empower women in Africa through job opportunities are vital components of success. Additionally, success means using my brand as a vehicle for cultural exchange, connecting people to the vibrancy of African cultures. In essence, my definition of success intertwines my personal values, professional accomplishments, and the mission and impact of KAHINDO, as well as creating a legacy with my brand.

What's something you would tell your younger self about your journey or career -  knowing what you know today?

If I could offer advice to my younger self about my career and journey based on my current knowledge, I would say:
"Embrace change and uncertainty as opportunities for growth. Your journey will be filled with unexpected twists and challenges, but each one of them will be a chance to learn, adapt, and become more resilient. Don't be afraid to take risks and follow your passions, even if it means stepping into the unknown. Your experiences, both successes and failures, will shape your wisdom and ultimately lead you to where you are meant to be. Keep a growth mindset, stay curious, and never stop seeking knowledge. Trust in your abilities, be patient, and remember that the journey itself is as valuable as the destination."

How do you bring others in?

Inviting others to "come sit at your table" entails creating an inclusive and open environment where diverse voices and perspectives are welcomed. It involves active listening, empathy, respect, and an active effort to include underrepresented groups. Collaboration, open communication, and support for personal and professional growth are key components. Conflict resolution is handled constructively, ensuring that individuals feel valued and respected, fostering a space where everyone can collaborate and flourish, regardless of their backgrounds or viewpoints.

What impact has Luminary made on you?

Luminary has had a significant impact on my career and journey by providing exposure to a community of like-minded, creative female business owners. This community has been a source of inspiration and support, enabling me to learn from others' experiences and share my insights. Additionally, the resources and opportunities offered by Luminary have been invaluable for building and scaling my business. Through networking and connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, I've expanded my professional network, opening up new avenues for growth and collaboration. Overall, Luminary has been instrumental in my personal and professional development, offering a platform for learning, networking, and empowerment.


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