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Meet Luminary Member, Pallavi Pande


Pallavi Pande


Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get started with your current career path?

I remember eating on banana leaves while growing up in India.I wanted to bring this concept to the western world.I started my brand DTOCS inspired by the word "Detox":a cleansing journey with palm leaves for the environment; with these 3 things in mind- Sustainability, usability & community.

How do you define success?

Impact + Income is success for me.

What's something you would tell your younger self when it comes to your career now knowing what you know today?

Network and create connections: Developing relationships and then leveraging those relationships to creating a community with other business owners and industry experts in your field is the key, as investing time and money in these relationships can lead to new opportunities and valuable advice and exposure.

How do you invite others to come sit at your table?

Making eye contact: When I notice someone looking for a place to sit or doesn't know what to do, I make eye contact and give them a friendly smile or nod. This signals that I am open to their company.

What impact has Luminary made in your career? ex: community, business generated, new clients, career connections, advancement opportunities

I recently got to know about this community. I am honored to have visibility and personal branding space from this community where I am appreciated and recognized. By participating in Luminary events or contributing to the community, I can increase my visibility within my industry and develop my personal brand that attracts attention and opportunities.