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Meet Luminary Member, Randi Levin


Meet Luminary Member, Randi Levin 

Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get started with your current career path/business journey?

Launching a successful coaching practice later in life is my own 3rd chapter reinvention. We all transition every day, yet we remain unaware and indecisive about change. I help founders, entrepreneurs and women in life-cycle transitions recalibrate and reclaim their power of choice so that it aligns with a successful redefined version of who they are today. I support them in clarity, decision-making, and consistent confidence building that roots them in self-leadership and productive goal-getting making it easier to launch, build, promote, and celebrate a business and a life that they love. After almost 2 decades in corporate, a long gig as a SAHM, and a successful launch as a transitional life strategist and reinvention expert, I am a relatable coach, mentor and thought-leader providing action-oriented strategies to recalibrate and reinvent in business and in life.

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?

Tenacity. Being a business owner is a roller coaster and you have to be in it for the whole ride. Also powerful decision-making. I believe that our choices are in today, and so is our legacy, so I strive to stay current on that and to empower what I can do rather than what I cannot. For many years I believed that I had to choose this OR that. I now know that I can opt into this AND that. Power tool!

What’s a mistake you made early on in your career, or in your business, and what did you learn from it?

That I had to be "on" all the time. I am now in year 8 of my coaching practice, and for the first few years my boundaries were everywhere. I was afraid that I would miss something, not attend something, not "do it right." I now know that only I can set the pace for myself, that I do not have to be everywhere, or do everything, or "compete" with other coaches. I have defined my own lane and I love driving in it. I understand and value my own worth. My choice. Creating boundaries that work for us and staying true to them is a perk of being an entrepreneur.

What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on?

It all comes back to tech! Staying tech savvy and embracing more videos as well.

How do you invite others to take a seat at the table?

It is always about the connection and the conversation. How can I be a resource for someone? What do they need? How can I be meaningful and memorable to them? I really like to do virtual coffee calls to see where I intersect with my network/potential network and to catch up with my established community. These short calls can be booked directly with me here: https://randilevincoaching.com/lets-talk/ Also...my online home is open to all at The Recalibration Network on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/recalibration/

What is one thing you wish you knew a year ago?

Hmmm...2020 was a year that we all knew so little. It would have to be to trust my intuition. It is one of the pearls of the pandemic for me. I always had a deep connection to myself and my inner voice, and this past year has proven the power of that for me. This circles back to creating and activating boundaries and making sure that they intersect your values and the moment.

What impact has Luminary made in your career? eg: Business Generated, Revenue, New Clients, Career Connections, Advancement Opportunities 

Luminary has been a game-changer for me. As a Luminary Ambassador, I get to share my Luminary joy with others. It has been a continual source and stream of community and connection, of learning and teaching. Being active in the Luminary Community supports me in building relationships, business and network.