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Meet Luminary Member, Vlada Epstein


Luminary Member Vlada Epstein 

Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get started with your current career path/business journey?

I currently work as a VP for Gamma Real Estate on the investing/portfolio management side for their multifamily real estate arm. I oversee all investor relations, analyze new acquisitions and dispositions, and some business development. Before Gamma I was on the Corporate Finance team at KBC Bank doing pure debt lending and portfolio management across multiple asset classes. Prior to KBC I was at Citi for 7 years in their analyst rotational program doing sales and trading and energy and power investment banking strategy. I left Citi because I was recruited by Blackstone to build out their Renewable Energy arm for North America called Onyx Renewable Partners. I planned to take some time off but did some part-time consulting for a friends Municipal hedge fund.

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why?

Determination and persistence

What’s a mistake you made early on in your career, or in your business, and what did you learn from it?

Don’t settle, the right opportunity will always come at the right time.

What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on?

Getting to know the Fintech space better

How do you invite others to take a seat at the table?

Come join me, let’s get to know each other and share ideas

What is one thing you wish you knew a year ago?

How long covid would be affecting our lives

What impact has Luminary made in your career? eg: Business Generated, Revenue, New Clients, Career Connections, Advancement Opportunities 

Facilitates a community of like minded people